Babies Who Lunch

Our Willow Park
parents' day out part-time
infant program.

9am to 1pm

This program is designed to encourage socialization, promote development and communication, and introduce a structured routine outside of the home for infants.  The PlaySpace is excited to build a community of socialized infants in Parker County!
The idea is for babies ages 6 to 18 months, but we can accommodate infants under 6 months as well.
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2 days weekly

$325 per month

3 days weekly

$475 per month

Wednesday Perk!

On Wednesdays, The PlaySpace owner and licensed Speech Language Pathologist Lindsay Jones will work directly with the BWL group to promote age-appropriate  communication, socialization, and development, as well as feeding strategies to encourage oral motor function during meals and snack. Our staff will implement these strategies throughout the week. Lindsay will also be designing the schedule and structure of this play-based infant group.

  • Yearly membership is required for enrollment
  • Option to choose which days (ie: MWF, MT, WTh, or any combination)
  • Commitment is monthly with a month advance notice
  • Space is limited to 8 infants with
    2 caregivers
  • Time daily can be extended as needed *you will pay the hourly rate after 1pm
  • Payment is automatically billed weekly- therefore if you miss a day, you will still be billed for that day as any structured childcare program

Registration for BWL