Where do I start?

You will need to register your child(ren) for their time at The PlaySpace. The link to register is located on our home page. You will receive a confirmation email and once the registration is complete you will be able to drop off immediately.  You are also welcome to register when you are at The PlaySpace for the first time.

How do I obtain a membership?

    You have to be present at The PlaySpace to obtain a membership.  We can place a membership on your account over the phone, however,  you will be required to pay when you arrive at The PlaySpace to set that in place.  You, unfortunately, cannot pay online at this time.  

After I register how soon can I drop off?

Immediately. Our registration system does send an automated “review” email but you are able to drop off immediately upon completion of the registration forms.
*If your child is an infant (6 weeks -17 months) it is encouraged you call us prior to dropping off to confirm availability in the infant room. We are only able to accommodate 8 infants at a time. Obtaining a membership will give you the ability to make reservations in advance to ensure a space for your infant.

What do I need to bring?

If your child is in diapers you will need to bring several diapers along with a change of clothes (wipes are not required). If your child is potty training bring a change of clothes. If bringing a lunch/dinner for your child, please make sure all the contents are NUT FREE. We provide water cups with straws so sippy cups are not needed, unless your child is unable to drink out of a straw.  We also serve complimentary snacks; lunch and dinner can be ordered at an additional cost.

How often can I drop off?

The PlaySpace is considered “part-time” childcare. This allows you to drop your children off for a maximum of 15 days a month.

Can I go in with my child?

For the safety of all the children at The PlaySpace we do not allow parents past the gate. Our entire staff is background checked and we require that anyone who enters our play area, to be. You can see the entire space from the front and are more than welcome to stay to watch as your child acclimates. We understand dropping off can be hard, at times, for children and parents and want to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Do you provide lunch/dinner?

The PlaySpace does provide meals, at an additional cost, for lunch and dinner. If you would rather pack a lunch for your child, please be sure the contents of the meal are entirely NUT free.

Do I have to tell you when I will be back to pick up?

You do not have to let our staff know when you will be back to pick up. This is the beauty of “drop-in” care.

Do you round up to the next hour?

At The PlaySpace we charge by the minute. We do not round up to the next hour, so you can drop your child(ren) off and not have to watch the clock!

What qualifications does your staff have?

Our entire staff is FBI background checked and fingerprinted. They are also first aid and CPR certified as well as trained to care for children. Our staff training meets the Minimum Standards put in place by the DFPS and are the same as that of every full-time daycare in Texas.

What are your child/caregiver ratios?

At The PlaySpace we follow the Texas Child Care Ratio guidelines.

You can view the ratios here:


If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Phone: 817-708-2885